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Eat every day tomatoes and you need no doctor!

(In 2005 with 190 different varieties of tomatoes in Guy's garden)

Old tomatoes in different colors, shapes and degust (Heirloom tomatoes)

 Heirloom tomatoes in black, yellow, white, pink and bi-colors!Tomatoes in all forms! Determinate and indetermate tomato cultivars

Table tomatoes for the summer 2004 , 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013:

White tomatoes, black tomatoes, yellow tomatoes, red tomatoes, green tomatoes, bi-color (greenyellow striped) tomatoes. 

Round shape, beefsteak shape, plumshape and Roma-tomatoes.

Botanical name: Lycopersicon esculentum 
Famila: Solanaceae

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Tomato cultivar (var)
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Season maturity Color Tomato shape

'42 days'

very early orangered round-beefsteak

'American Tree'

late red round-beefsteak
'Amana Orange' mid orange round-beefsteak

'Ananas' (Pineapple)

mid - late Yellow/red bicolor, (pinkred - yellowred) beefsteak

'Anana's Noire'

late black beefsteak

'Anna Aasa'

mid darkred round

'Anna Russian'

mid rozerood heartshape


early-mid abricot/ orange round
'Arancia' mid orange round


mid-late orange round
'Aviro' mid orange Roma-type


mi-late pinkred round-plum

'Balkonzauber' ('Balkonstar')

early - mid red globe; round

'Banana Legs'

mid-late yellow banana-shape


early-mid red plumshape


mid red round to plumshape


mid-late red round

'Black Cherry'

early redbrown-black round

'Black Prince'

early- mid redbrown-black plumshape

'Black from Tula'

mid Deep dusky rose, (black or darkred) beefsteak

'Black Plum' (Cherry tomaat)

mid - late Deep dusky rose,  (redbrown, dark-red) oblong, romatype, plum-shaped

'Bloody Butcher'

early red globe; beefsteak

'Brandywine Purple' 

early-mid brown-purple round, beefsteak, ribbed

'Brandywine Red'

mid- late red round, beefsteak

'Brandywine Yellow'

mid- late yellow round, beefsteak


early - mid yellow-orange globe; round

'Caro Rich'

mid orange round, beefsteak

'Caspian Pink'

mid - late pink round, beefsteak 

'Cerise Jaune' 

early-mid yellow oblong

'Cherokee Chocolate'

mid - late brown round


mid - late yellow-orange globe; round

'Coeur de Boeuf'

late pink, red-pink heart shape

'Coeur de Pigeon'

mid yellow plum, pear 
'Costoluto Fiorentino' mid red beefsteak
'Czech Field' early pink-red  

'Des Andes'

mid - late red pepper

'Double Rich'

mid orangered globe; round


mid-late red round

'Fuzzy Wuzzy'

mid-late red-yellow, striped round; globe

'Géante de Belgique Jaune' ('Yellow Giant Belgium', ' Goldi') 

late yellow beefsteak

'Géante d'Orenbourg'

mid orange beefsteak
'German Head' late pink-red beefsteak


very late orange-yellow eg, oblong

'Green Grape' ('Raisin Vert)'

mid Amber green, (greenyellow, green) grape

'Green Zebra'

mid - late Green w/amber stripes,  (greenyellow, bi-colore) round, beefsteak
'Haru Urara' mid pink  


mid-late yellow globe; round; beefsteak

'Ida Gold'

very early orange, red-orange globe; round


early - mid orange oblong
'Jasnaja' mid red plume, oblong


early yellow-orange, red globe; round
'Katinka' early-mid orange plume, Romatype
'Kazachstan Rote Flasche'   red pear

'King Humbert'

mid pinkred oblong, plume
'Martin' (F1) (Marmande-type) early red beefsteak


mid red round

'Mexican Honey'

mid red round

'Mirabelle Blanche'

mid - late white, white-yellow round, grape


mid red globe; round


early red globe; round

'Noire de Crimée' ((= Black Krim??))

mid Deep dusky rose,(redblack, purple-black) round, beefsteak
'Orange Queen' mid orange beefsteak
'Oranje van Goeijenbier' mid orange round

'Pèche Blanche'

mid white globe; round
'Pendulina' early yellow round


mid - late Pale orange, (yellow-orange) beefsteak

'Poire Mémée'

mid - late yellow pear

'Pero Gigante'

mid red pear
'Phytoresista' mid-late red round, heart
'Ponderosa Pink' late pink-red beefsteak

'Prune Noire'

mid redblack, redbrown oblong, plume
'Qianglimishou' mid pinkred beefsteak

'Red Brandewine'

mid- late orange-red globe; round

'Red Dawn'

early red globe; round

'Red Garden Peach'

mid orangered, abricot round

'Reine de St Marthe'

mid - late red beefsteak

'Reine d'Or'

mid yellow round

'Reinette Fruitée'

 mid - late  pinkred  rond
'Resistar' (F1)      
'Riviera' (type Coeur de Boeuf) mid red heart

'Rose de Berne '

mid - late pink, pink-red Slicing, round
'Rutgers' mid red beefsteak

'Saint Pierre'

mid - late red round, beefsteak

'Santa Fe'

early - mid orangered plume (Grape)
'Slawjansletj Stjedjewr' early-mid red round
'Snowberry' mid yellow-white round

'Striped Roman' (Speckled Roman)

mid- late Scarlet red with gold stripes, (red, yellow striped) pepper (Romatype)


mid yellow (orange) globe; round

'Téte de Venus'

mid orangered breast shape
'Tibetapple' late red beefsteak

'Tiny Tim'

early-mid red globe; round
'Tom Red' early-mid red round

'Trifele Black' ('Japanese Tr. Black')

mid - late brownblack; black with green shoulders pear

'Triple Crop' ('Trip L Crop')

late red, pink round, (romatype?)
'Valentin'/ 'Heinz 1370' mid-late orangered beefsteak
'Volovsko Srce' (type Coeur de Boeuf) mid-late red heart

'Watermelon Beefsteak'

late Crimson pink, (pinkred, purplered) oblong, heart 

'Weiss Behaarte'

late white, white-yellow round - beefsteak

'White Queen'

late Ivory, (white, white-pink) beefsteak

'Yellow Grape'

mid yellow round
'Yellow Pearshaped' mid yellow pear
Zagrebacka Rana' early-mid red beefsteak

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Tomato sizes: 

++ Extremely large: 
6 inches (15 cm) or greater.
+ Large: 
3-6 inches (7,5-15cm) diameter.
+ - Medium: 
1.75 - 3 inches (4-7,5cm) diameter
- Large Cherry: 
larger then 1 inches diameter (+ 2,54 cm)
-- Small Cherry: 
less then 1 inches diameter (< 2,54 cm)

Tomato culture: 

determinate (bush), indeterminate and semi-determinate

Harvesting ripe tomatoes: 

Early (in 2005 from 1 july), early-mid (ca 10 july), mid (15-30 july), late (august), very late (september- october)


Tomatoes in containers or in plastic cap

Overview 1 (9 june 04)

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Overzicht 3 (august 2004)

Overzicht 4 (july 2005)

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Heirloom tomato seed exchange

Heirloom tomato seed from the world

Black tomatoes or white tomatoes, from pea size to jumbo they are all here. By trading you can do your bit to help save these marvelous varieties of heirloom tomatoes!

Exchange tomato seed from fall 2009. 

You can suggest any other tasty & prolific varieties you like; unfortunately, varieties that need more than 80 days to ripen are rather too late for our climate (USDA zone 8A)



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