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Aggie Horticulture 
Apple Journal (A passion for Apples)
Associated fruitcultivation, catch crop, intercropped species  (Good neighbours)
Backyardgardener (Amerikaanse "achtertuin"site)
BBC Online gardening 
Black tomatoes in your garden Tomatoes for the garden, containers or glassroom.
Botany, Gardening, Farming, Horticulture, Landscaping, Bioscience 
Blueberry (translations)
Cherry pollination
Diseases and insects on plants 
Edu1 gardens en Edu2 gardens 
Fruit encyclopedy --(Dutch)
Fruit pruning calendar
Garden glossary, garden glossary (Dutch)
GardenWeb Forums
Garden Web Home Page (Engelstalig) 
Gardening Archive (Specific plants and their uses)
Ginkgo biloba- homepage The name, history, the tree, propagation, usage, ...
Glossary of gardenterms and horticulture  (Dutch)
Grafted Walnut Trees
(Manse Organics Ltd.)
Henrietta's Herbal Homepage
Horticulture glossary of common terms (Dutch)
Fruitcultivation and fruitlinks 
Know your apples 
Green Jem Garden And Hand Tools (Mail Order Hardware, Watering, Sundries, Cleaning, Pet, Garden Products.)
Good neighbours for fruittrees and shrubs  (Tolerant trees, shrubs, vines, ground covers and flowers)
New Crops & Plant Products, Purdue 


Garden web: news forum 
Rec gardens ecosystem: faqs 
nl.tuinen (Dutch) 




ABC van het plantenlatijn.

Author: Guy De Kinder
format 14,8 x 21 cm; 

Perry's Perennial Pages 
Plantdatabases (English, French, Dutch, ...)
Plant Images (Botany Net Links)
Plant nomenclature
Planting distance, fruitplant spacing
Plum pollination 
Propagation of plants (Seeds, grafting, layering, ...)
Pruning trees 
Taxonomy of flowering plants 
Taxonomy, nomenclature of plants 
The Seed Site 
Tomato - Heirloom tomatoes Tomatoes for the garden, containers or glassroom.
Vegetable Gardening Handbook 
Virtual Library Agriculture 
World Grasses database 
Yellow tomatoes in the garden.
Your garden the leading Garden Site in Europe 



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